Strange noise in the vehicle? these may be the causes

With each sound (screech, pop, bump, or screech)  the vehicle is telling you that something is wrong, these strange noises often evidence  a mechanical or structural problem; listening carefully will quickly identify damage and fix it in time.

Here are some common cases of engine , transmission , steering noise  and their possible causes:

1. Noises in the engine

If the engine "tricks or squeals"

Causes: Gasoline is low octane. The air filter is clogged. Alternator belt is loose or damaged. The alternator bearings are damaged.

If the engine "explodes" when starting

Causes:  The ignition is not correct. There is water in the gasoline. The air filter is dirty. The fuel filter is clogged. The carb is in trouble. The spark plugs are dirty or worn. The high cables are not good. The catalytic converter is clogged.

If the engine "hums"

Causes: It is  overheated. The vacuum device is leaking. The steering fluid is low. The water pump is damaged. Alternator bearings do not work. The air conditioning is bad.

2. Noises when accelerating or braking

If the car "squeals" while accelerating

Causes:  The drive belts are slipping. The drive pulleys are misaligned. The straps are loose.

"Rattles" when accelerating

Causes:  The motor is overheating. Gasoline is very poor in octane rating, or the ignition timing may need adjustment.

Brakes that "screech" or scrape

Causes:  The discs, drums and pads are dirty. The brake disc calipers are loose. The disc is badly mounted.  If a rear scraping sounds at low speeds it means that the brake rotor is deformed or that the drums need replacement.  The brake pads are worn or overheated.

Brakes "rattle" when turning

Causes:  The brake pads are loose.  There are wear on the steering. The brake disc is wrong.  There is an object that interferes with braking.  Suspension parts worn.

3. Noises in transmission

Transmission that "squeaks" or "rattles"

Causes:  The changes are not linking well.  The clutch is wrong and needs to be replaced. The parking brake is on. The fluid level in the gearbox is low. The drive chain was damaged. Kindly visit this link for useful reference: whining noise when accelerating

4. Noises in the direction

"Squeaks" in the direction

Causes:  The strap is loose. Fluid is missing from the steering pump. The pump itself is loose or damaged.